Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age restriction?
Yes. All residents must be age 55 or older unless an exception is granted. Residents are required to provide proof of age when they close on or rent a unit.
Is this an Assisted Living community?
No. Providence Point is an independent living community for active adults; it is not an assisted living community. Meals, nurses, and other healthcare-related services are not provided. Our shuttle bus does not have the capability to transport wheelchair-bound members of the community. Most of our community buildings are private facilities and not ADA compliant.
Who manages Providence Point?
Providence Point is managed by a professional staff located on the property. The primary departments are located in Collin Hall and include Maintenance and Facilities, Activities, Resident Orientation, and Community Management.
What's the difference between a Condominium Association and a Homeowners Association?
Providence Point is a condominium association (COA), which means you own your unit, but the exterior and grounds are considered common areas and are governed by the Umbrella Association and village boards. This is different from a homeowners’ association (HOA) in which owners own their home and the exterior and grounds around it. For more information, see chapter 64.34 of the Revised Code of Washington.
Are there units for rent?
Each Village has its own rental cap. The minimum lease term is 6 months and tenants must be at least 55 years of age. Some owners list on Zillow and other websites and local sources, or you can check with the agents at our on-property real estate office, Solution Partners NW.
What does my monthly HOA fee cover & how is it calculated?
The monthly HOA fee covers the cost of a variety of services including Safety Services, professional landscaping, most exterior building maintenance, scheduled transportation, basic cable TV & internet service, certain utilities, professional management and the property insurance on your home’s structure. The monthly assessment also covers many amenities Providence Point provides.
Monthly HOA fees are determined as a result of the budget process undertaken by each of the village boards and the Umbrella Board. Each owner’s monthly HOA fee is calculated by the percentage of owner interest assigned to each unit.
What’s not included in my HOA fee?
Property taxes
Garbage pickup (except in high rise buildings)
Electricity, natural gas, and phone
Personal property and personal liability insurance
Is there a fee required when I close on my unit?
Yes, all 7 Villages have a Capital Contribution based on 12 months of the Village portion of HOA dues.  The Resale Certificate will confirm all fees associated with purchase.  
Providence Point has 24-hour Safety Services. What does that mean?
This is a gated community with an on-site gate attendant. The main gate is typically left open from dawn to dusk and closed after hours. The back gate and Forest Village gate are typically closed all the time and require a smart card or gate code for entrance. The main gate is not always manned or locked since the gate attendant performs other duties and assist emergency responders as needed. Our Safety Service Officers are also available to check your home while you are away.
Is transportation available for Providence Point residents?
Our shuttle bus transports residents to scheduled activities and special events outside our community. It also provides regularly scheduled transportation to local shopping areas.
 My Home
What part of my home’s maintenance is my responsibility?
The Umbrella Association and the Villages maintain building exteriors, roofs, grounds, community buildings, roads, driveways, and infrastructure.
The unit owner is responsible for most plumbing, electrical, and duct work in units and walls that are for the exclusive use of the unit. Owners are also responsible to replace fogged or broken windows in accordance with PMO specifications.
Will I be able to remodel the interior of my unit?
Yes. However, some structural changes will require approval. Also, installing hard-surface floors in units located above another unit’s living area is prohibited in some villages. Check with your real estate broker for details.
Are there any restrictions on selling my home?
There are not restrictions on selling, and you are welcome to contact your real estate broker or the on-site experts at Solution Partners NW Real Estate.
Can I bring my pets?
Of course! Permitted pets are domesticated dogs, cats, and caged birds, reptiles, and fish (confined by a terrarium, aquarium, or similar contained environment). A resident must obtain approval of the Community Manager to keep a pet only if (1) more than one of the resident's pets will have access to the Common Area; (2) if Board approval is required because of the type of animal the resident desires to keep or (3) there will be more than two pets residing in the Unit.
All pets must be leashed when they are outside the unit, and the leash must be held by a responsible person. All pet owners are required to remove/pick up their pet’s waste.
What about smoking?
Owners/Residents may smoke or vape inside their home. No smoking or vaping is allowed in any of the Community Buildings (Clubhouse, South Community Building, North Community Building, or Town Hall) or in the Common Areas (lobby, meeting rooms or hallways) of any residential building. No smoking or vaping is allowed within 25 feet of any doorway, window, or air intake area of any building in any village.
If smoke or vaping fumes escapes the inside of a home and becomes a nuisance to another owner in their home, per Article 4, section 4.8 of the Umbrella Association Declaration, the owner who smokes or vapes may be prohibited from smoking or vaping in their residence by written notice to the owner by the Community Manager or their designee. Also see “Fines” section of these rules and regulations.
Some residential buildings are designated NO SMOKING, meaning smoking and vaping is not allowed inside any part of the unit or garage; smoking must be at least 25 feet away from the outside of the buildings. Check with the village you are interested in to determine if the building you want to live in has a more restrictive policy.
Are guests allowed?
Sure! Residents must notify the Property Management Office of any guests staying more than fourteen (14) consecutive days in their residence.
A single guest cannot stay more than 60 nights per year.